About Us

Reentry & Resources is a non-profit organization that serves the Southwest Missouri Area. We provide referrals, develop partnerships, and maintain a network of agencies for support. We provide financial assistance to citizens who have felony criminal histories.  Our organization also educates the community through events and activities in hopes of decreasing the stigma associated with criminal backgrounds. The actions of Reentry & Resources will aid in lowering the unemployment rate of citizens negatively impacted by felonies and combat high crime rates in the area. Reentry & Resources is run by volunteers, meaning all donations will be used to assist citizens.

The Reentry & Resources work group developed the Reentry Simulation in 2013. This simulation has now been presented nationwide by a variety of organizations including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, State Prisons, US Courts, Child Support Enforcement, and higher education facilities. Our group continues to present this simulation in an ongoing effort to raise awareness regarding the barriers faced by individuals as they return home after incarceration.

As legislative changes continue, our communities will see an increase in returning citizens as sentence reductions push more people back out into society. A main focus for Reentry & Resources is to provide financial assistance for returning citizens by helping them obtain personal identification documents (Application for Assistance PDF). Items required to restart life after incarceration must include an original birth certificate, a social security card, and a government-issued photo ID (such as a state DMV photo ID). There are currently no other programs in the area providing these services to returning citizens.

Our services will improve a returning citizen’s opportunities for success. Citizens returning to the community, when given the chance to succeed, create more stable homes for their families and children, achieve goals of self-sufficiency, and put local dollars back into our economy. Reentry & Resources is focused on making the “no return” investment!


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